We are building a school,
in Arad, Romania.


We invest in future generations by building the new headquarters for “Alexa Popovici” Baptist Theological Highschool.

The achievements of our school bring us joy, and the trust of parents along with the increasing student numbers give us an even bigger responsibility.

Why we need a new building


Increased number of students

We are happy for the increase in the number of students who beneffited from the education given in our school. At primary school level, we experienced years in which the request doubled in comparison with the previous years. The current location, in which the activity takes place at this level of education, doesn’t allow the grant of additional space.
In addition, the location in which the activitity at the secondary and highschool levels takes place, can’t take on the increased number of students for the same reason: limited space. So, there is an urgent need to find an immediate solution regarding the available space both for the primary, secondary and high school levels.


The benefits of a single location

At the moment, we carry out our educational activity in four different locations. In terms of didactic activity, one single location for all stages of education, will represent a general and specific improvement for teachers involved in different levels of education.
Moreover, one location will offer a high comfort for parents who have children in different levels of education.


Modern facilities

The new location will offer a learning environment which comes with excellent solutions for the needs of our children. We build a school with modern classrooms, a library and well equipped labs.
Our students will benefit from both playing fields and a large recreation ground.

Where do we
build the school?


The new building will be located in Arad, on Cetatii Street.

We are grateful for the constant help offered by the local authorities and we could see their support when they offered us the land for the construction, through the unanimous vote of the Local Council.

What we are building


which includes the following:


48 classrooms


Specific labs for the educational activities


An area for sports activities


Library (repository and reading room)


Dining room


Offices and administrative spaces


Lecture room


A large recreation ground and a park


A general consulting room and a dental consulting room

Renders of the project

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Find out the stages of the construction project of the new building